Be the ocean

that says yes to the waves

Yoga is the most profound relationship I have ever known. The practices of yoga have held my attention and my heart with curiosity and demand that I respect and cherish.

I attribute this to my current teacher of 30 years, Kofi Busia. His teaching is impeccable. His patience and yogic knowledge are world class.  I am inspired to teach with consistency, clarity of purpose and joy in honor of my teacher.



Monday  9:00 – 10:30am

Monday  5:30 – 7:00pm

Thursday 9:00 – 10:15 am (Starting May 4th)

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Jane nurtures personal “openings” by meeting you where you are. I know of no other teacher who does a better job teaching a class of students with very different practices. Jane observes you and always seems to give you the “aha!” producing suggestion. Because of her own continuing study of meditation and centering practices she is able to keep classes refreshing and challenging and engaging.

And if you listen very carefully, you understand she’s showing us to respect and appreciate ourselves and all those around us. And don’t we need that every single time we come to our mat?

Cindy J, Retired, Library Advocate, Community Organizer

Jane has been my primary yoga teacher for almost ten years.  She has helped me to increase in both strength and flexibility.  I especially appreciate her decades of experience with Iyengar yoga (including study at the Iyengar Institute).  Her own deep yoga practice, boundless enthusiasm and playful spirit makes the classes fun – even during long holds… especially during long holds!


   Working with Jane, whether for chart reading, yoga, nutritional advice or broader yogic wisdom, is deeply nourishing and illuminating. Her methods and tools are steeped in lineage teachings, as well as springing naturally from her wise heart of kindness and insight into human nature and our place in the cosmos. Both earthy and sublime, I always gain more knowledge and understanding from Jane’s guidance, laced with juicy humor, to further my path.

Sarah B, Author, Yogini, Artist


A full week of yoga practice, in part beyond asana, is such a nourishing treat. Mar de Jade is a perfect spot. Jane brings thoughtful, heartfelt enthusiasm and wisdom to guide her students. She is generous and entirely present every day. Such a rare gift you can give yourself and anyone you love.

Nonie, Retired Veterinarian

NSOROMMA (guardianship) – this is an Ashanti Ghanaian symbol to honor my teacher, Kofi Busia.

It was made for me by my friends at LMNO Arts.

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